Dr. M. (Mitra) Baratchi

Dr. M. (Mitra) Baratchi received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Iran. In 2011 she Joined Pervasive Systems group at University of Twente where she performed her PhD research on mobility data analysis.  In this research she applied various machine-learning and data mining methods on mobility data to infer the behaviors and interactions of people.

Since January 2014 she has been working at Saxion as a Researcher/Project manager in SaxShirt project. Within this project she looks at various data analysis techniques to translate raw sensor measurements into understandable higher-level information.  The information achieved in this manner can be used to back up decision-making in life critical situations  (e.g. firefighter safety) and top-sport applications.

dr. M. (Mitra) Baratchi
Project leader SaxShirt TFF
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