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Breakthrough in sensor technology
How can personnel work more safely in industrial and other work environments? Stress, fatigue, exhaustion, hyperthermia, hypothermia, impaired concentration and even dehydration can have a major impact on safety. We need a better understanding of these human factors to prevent these issues.

Indicators and signals
Physiological factors such as heartbeat, respiration, perspiration and body temperature are the key indicators of physiological fitness. However, external factors such as the ambient temperature, location and presence of colleagues can also be relevant. A "smart shirt" can help improve safety. The shirt measures these indicators and alerts the wearer, or perhaps the wearer’s manager, in case of danger.

Wearable sensor platform
Saxion and the University of Twente are designing a wearable sensor platform in the form of a shirt for the TechForFuture project. SaxShirt facilitates the easy exchange and interfacing of different sensors. The shirt is comfortable, even in extreme conditions, and is machine washable.

Combining and interpreting sensor data
The SaxShirt project aims to develop a infrastructure and smart applications for the sensor shirt. The project aims to combine sensor data (measurable factors) and interpret the data to provide relevant information (‘alerts’) about the wearer's status (stress, exhaustion, fatigue, etc.).

Intended outcome: Software infrastructure and smart applications of the sensor shirt.

September 2013 - September 2015
Read Mitra Baratchi's summary report: SaxShirt TFF
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