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TechForFuture (TFF) is the perfect partner for high-tech businesses who want to develop their High Tech Systems & Materials (HTSM) knowledge and skills. TFF can work with you on international applied research related to your core business, such as high-tech applications of mechatronics, nanotechnology, smart materials, polymers and ICT in new products and systems. 
Working with TFF gives you greater innovative strength. You will gain direct access to the expertise of the best education and research institutes, research laboratories and innovation centres in the eastern part of the Netherlands. TFF can deliver not only high-level expertise, but also motivated students whose education enables them to undertake research independently within your business. Working with TFF gives you access to new technology. You will benefit from new business opportunities, new product/market combinations and innovative approaches to developing solutions. 
TFF contributes to international research – both for the industry and with the industry. That can enhance your competitive position, and that of the Netherlands as a whole. This will enable the country to specialise further in advanced product engineering and manufacturing products with significant added value. 
High-tech businesses in the Eastern Netherlands region urgently need qualified engineers. TFF offers you a supply of young professionals who have already gained considerable experience on specialised HTSM research projects. Their expertise and creativity can help to create competitive advantage for you. 

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