For researchers

TechForFuture (TFF) provides an opportunity for professors from Saxion and Windesheim and for researchers working elsewhere to conduct practically oriented research in knowledge-intensive companies in the Eastern Netherlands region. Your research will have clear social and economic importance and you will contribute directly to the development of one of the Netherlands’ most important innovation regions in the field of High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM). 
Involvement with TFF means conducting research in a challenging environment. TFF combines the expertise of Saxion and Windesheim in the field of HTSM. This synergy opens the way to better, deeper and more international research. TFF also brings together the best regional, national and international knowledge partners. In collaboration with various research and education disciplines, you will work on six research themes: digital printing & finishing, recycling & design, robotics in healthcare & wellbeing, nano applications, medical sensors and industrial process optimisation. You will be attached to a Centre which, with its multidisciplinary applied research, clearly stands out from other research centres and networks that have a single focus.
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