For students 

TechForFuture (TFF) helps students to develop better future prospects. You will not only improve your qualitative technological knowledge and skills, but also learn how to carry out independent, practically oriented research into High Tech Systems & Materials (HTSM). Moreover, you will gain important practical experience with high-tech companies in the Eastern Netherlands region, which is a key driver of the Dutch knowledge economy. Hence, you will learn how to apply your knowledge in practice.
Within TFF, you will work with companies, high-calibre researchers and other students on current and relevant social and economic issues in the field of systems innovation and product innovation. The practically focused research makes learning more appealing, and also ensures that your studies are well aligned with industry needs. That will equip you better for the job market both in the Netherlands and internationally, where the demand for highly qualified experts is rising all the time.

Participation in research

If you would like to take part in a research project, let us know by completing this form. 

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