Relationship with the Technology Education Centre of Expertise 
In order to continue investing in the quality technological knowledge and skills of the new generation, Saxion, UTwente and Windesheim have taken the initiative of launching a second Centre of Expertise: TechYourFuture. The Technology Education Centre of Expertise promotes technology education at elementary and secondary levels (the breeding ground). TechForFuture fits in well with TechYourFuture due to the positive scientific awareness that TechForFuture is intended to generate. For example, they share a similar name and image and there is a clear relationship between them. Communication with business contacts and the media will also be co-ordinated. Both Centres are keen to co-ordinate and are committed to a mutual strengthening of communication.
Relationship with the top sector of HTSM
The top sector of HTSM comprises a number of closely intertwined manufacturing industries: machinery and systems, automotive, aerospace and materials. In 2009 this sector generated €73 billion of revenues, with an added value of €23 billion. It invests over €2.3 billion annually in its own research and development. The Netherlands is a world leader in the design, development and production of high-tech equipment and micro/nanocomponents and has the ambition to grow further. It stands out internationally due to its technological excellence and focuses on the development of new technologies and materials, for example for future means of communication, advanced medical equipment, smart and clean mobility, fuel-efficient aviation, safety and sustainable energy production.
A central element of this is a ‘Holland High Tech’ branding strategy, in which our country is presented as a global player in the high-tech sector with close collaboration between companies, knowledge institutions and government.

Relationship with Human Capital Agenda
Fulfilling the innovation and growth ambitions of the top sector requires the right number of people with the right qualities. A good fit between education and the labour market is crucial to achieving this. It requires a stronger, more structural link between companies and educational establishments. To this end the top sectors have set up Human Capital Agendas, leading to the ‘Beta and Technology Masterplan’. This masterplan states how we will tackle the shortages of ‘betas’ (scientists) and technicians. It also connects the existing and new activities to stimulate and strengthen science and technology.
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