TechForFuture: your partner in applied HTSM research

TechForFuture enables the Eastern Netherlands region to fulfil its innovation and growth ambitions in HTSM

Innovation squared
Creating new opportunities jointly with high-tech companies: that is the aim of TechForFuture, the HTSM Centre of Expertise for the Eastern Netherlands region. Together with enthusiastic students who are skilled in carrying out independent, practically oriented research within companies, we discover and develop new technologies. This enables us to contribute to international research for companies, with companies.
TechForFuture responds to the needs of the HTSM market. That generates an inflow of young ‘techies’ with knowledge, creativity and extensive practical experience drawn from specific research in the field of High Tech Systems & Materials (HTSM). The research takes place within the companies themselves. That means students receive part of their training in a company, which in turn sees the student evolve into a potentially excellent future employee. Hence, an investment in TechForFuture is also an investment in the future of the company itself. By submitting a research application to the Centre, applicants can get to know interesting, science-based knowledge workers. That kind of collaboration leads to surprising process and product innovations and boosts the competitive position of high-tech companies in the region.

Stronger together
The collaboration between two universities of applied sciences and the breadth of the research creates attractive synergy, with the result that HTSM researchers contribute to the power of innovation in the Eastern Netherlands region. That synergy is further enhanced by the additional research conducted jointly in the Centre by Saxion and Windesheim: it opens the way to pioneering projects, enabling the Centre to operate as a flywheel for business and industry.

Good for the Dutch economy
TechForFuture works with high-tech companies that wish to develop their knowledge in the field of High Tech Systems & Materials (HTSM). They have direct access to the expertise of educational and knowledge institutions, research labs and innovation centres. From high-tech mechatronics, nanotechnology, smart materials and polymers to ICT in new products and systems: practically oriented research enables our country to specialise further in high-quality product engineering and in manufacturing with significant added value.
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